We  Love Floating  Shelves!

You can tell we love what we do the moment you see one of our shelves in person, only the best in design and materials, with you, our customer in mind

The Perfect Shelf

We started our journey with one question in mind: how can we make the perfect floating shelf? After thorough research, trial, and error, we have cracked the secret recipe:


Real Wood

Solid Grade-A Real Wood.


Smart Hidden Brackets

Adjustable Solid Steel Brackets.


Durable Wall Anchors

Multipurpose Fischer SX Wall Anchors.


Easy Installation

Pre-made Holes Marking Template

Real Wood

We only use A-Grade real pine wood for our shelves, made of a single solid piece of wood. Thanks to a unique Japanese carbonizing technique, a process in which we heat treat the wood to pop-up the natural grain of the wood, resulting in beautiful color and enhanced wood grain, finished with mineral oil coating for long-lasting water resistance durability.

Smart Hidden Brackets

Our brackets are hidden, means after installation the shelf cover the brackets completely which creates a floating shelf illusion, on top of that our brackets are 3 way adjustable, so there is no option for you the get it wrong during the installation


Up and Down

the bracket base has oval holes that allow you up and down margins


Left and Right

turn left the rod to free it, that allows you to move the rod left or right


Adjustable Rod Angle

two small screws control the angle of the rod; it allows you to change the rod angle up or down

Durable Wall Anchors

Our selected anchors are the High-Performance SX Nylon Plug by “Fischer Fixing” it fits all materials such as concrete, brick, and drywall, working smartly:

4 way expansion suitable for concrete walls
4 way knotting suitable for drywall and brick walls.

Easy Installation

Easy and efficient installation with our enclosed template strip, it will help you mark the holes needed for installation, just place it where you like to install the shelf, level it and mark the 4 holes in seconds.

Shelves Collection

Our latest floating shelves collection





We’ll Show You How It’s Done

Watch our easy to follow installation video below and get your new Art Broz floating shelves firmly and easily installed on the wall in less than 10 minutes!

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